About Us

Corporate Brief

With over 15 years of IT and Library Solutions expertise, AcademicLibra has grown to be a company of final destination for procurement services for Libraries, Institutions, Government Agencies, and private bodies.
A company that has numerous international partnerships and collaborations, AcademicLibra is an expert in the business of IT, books, and Library solutions supply.

We have successfully executed financially demanding projects like the TETFUND and PTF projects that show our capability to deliver excellence. Our prices are highly competitive and can be tailored to either big projects or small projects.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to champion an improved performance of society by providing quality educational resources, services, and support for the acquisition of excellence.”

Our Mission

“To facilitate continuous improvement of learning, data and records management through digital transformation”

Who We Are

We are a member of the following institutional bodies:

  • Nigerian Booksellers Association
  • Nigerian Publishers Association
  • Nigerian Library Association
  • Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN)